Michael Capponi As Part Of The Dream Team For Costa Hollywood Condo Resort Development

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HOLLYWOOD BEACH, Fla., Dec. 27, 2013- Moses Bensusan, the head developer of Hollywood Beach’s Costa Hollywood Condominium Resort announced today that Capponi, the acclaimed Miami-based construction entrepreneur and hospitality investor, would join the development team.

South Beach pioneer Michael Capponi is selected by Moses Bensusan as an expert authority to undertake the branding, sales and marketing of the most anticipated Hollywood Beach Village projects.

Capponi is a highly regarded South Beach pioneer who has excelled in creating highly popular in-demand hospitality businesses, high-end real estate projects, and destinations. He will have a leading role in the sales, branding, development, and marketing of strategic partnership for the highly awaited Costa Hollywood. Capponi will, in addition, help in curating more than 5 restaurants, high-end retail and lounges consisting the ground floor of the Hollywood Beach Village.

Moses Bensusan, CEO of Liberty Grand, LLC and lead developer of Costa Hollywood, said that Costa Hollywood is going to be the vanguard for a new face of the City of Hollywood Beach–offering luxury lifestyle experience while not compromising on family friendly sensibility.

michael capponi

Bensusan further added that Michael Capponi knows the secret–that’s energy, ambience, and big name people who can create that new look for the City of Hollywood Beach. Bensusan stated that they could not be more excited to have Capponi onboard in the partnership of the development and transformation of the beautiful city.

His name is not new in Miami Beach; Capponi branded himself in the early 1990s. He helped spawn nightlife on the presently historic South Beach. Capponi has become famous for his unprecedented promotion of venues such as the Amnesia, Warsaw, and B.E.D., and in 2004, he joined hands with Gregg Covin as well as architect Chad Oppenheim to create Ten Museum Park. Following his visit to earthquake-stricken Haiti, the known nightlife impresario demonstrated his kindness by launching a humanitarian campaign.

Bensusan added that he saw Hollywood Beach Village becoming the new entertainment district for South Beach. Hollywood Beach Village is designed to be an urban beachfront oasis rising six stories and featuring 307 fully furnished turnkey units that come in studio, as well as one to two bedroom formats.

All the units in Costa Hollywood will feature unique design styles and finishing by MV Architecture & Interior Design, Smartphone compatible home system by Apple, and energy efficient appliances.